Top 10 Must Have Apps For Students

1. Snap2PDF

Does your back ache at the mere thought of carrying countless heavy textbooks and note-filled three ring binders from class to class? If so, then this document management app for iPhone and iPad can help you–literally–take a load off. This handy tool lets you create your own PDF from textbooks, handouts, receipts and any other important documents. It’s as simple as snapping a picture. Not only that, but after you’ve captured the content, Snap2PDF offers helpful management tools, including the ability to read text through Optical Character Recognition in more than 20 different languages and convenient Cloud backup.application

2. DuoLingo

Need a boost in working toward fulfilling that Spanish requirement? This popular language learning program for iPad, iPhone and Android lets you learn and practice the language of your choice–from French to Mandarin. As you work through a series of lessons broken down into units, Duolingo remembers where you left off and tracks your progress on any device so the learning is continuous. And of course, “free” is appealing in every language!

3. Skype

University life is a blast, but sometimes there’s no place like home. When you need to check in with friends and loved ones from afar–or even those just across the quad–Skype lets you video chat, send messages and share videos and photos with ease from your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android, this user-friendly free messaging and communication app supports a growing list of international languages. There’s a reason why millions of people use Skype to bridge the communications gap. And did we happen to mention the free unlimited instant chat messaging, video calling and file sharing?

4. Papers

Ah, the dreaded research paper: a university rite of passage. Locating, organizing and annotating your sources has never been easier thanks to this powerful research literature manager available for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Read articles and locate new content on the fly, highlight by swiping, tag your content with keywords, and even make freehand annotations using the advanced PDF reader. Work is automatically synced with your Papers library on your home computer via Dropbox. At $14.99 it may seem a bit spendy compared to other options, but it’s a small price to pay to have a global library right at your fingertips.

5. Notability

Trying to take notes during a two-hour lecture is a bit like attempting to block a dam with the eraser end of a number two pencil: regardless of your efforts, the information just keeps coming. Notability takes the pressure off by not only capturing your typed notes, but also by providing an audio recording of the lecture so you can repeat challenging concepts or parts you may have missed. Notability can also create sketches and outlines and record your voice–in languages including French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and others–while you’re practicing that speech for Communications 101.

6. slumber

Sleep is a hot commodity for college students: there never seems to be enough of it, and yet a good night’s slumber lays the foundation for optimal learning. This terrific app uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor sleep movement in order to wake you up–using a 30 minute window– during a light sleep phase instead of a deep one. The result? You wake up feeling relaxed instead of wrecked. And while a typical bio-alarm clock can cost up to $200, Sleep Cycle costs just $1.99 in iTunes.

7. Google Drive

Gone are the days of emailing documents back and forth, tracking changes, and attempting to manage multiple versions of a single document. Google’s free cloud-syncing storage platform, available for both Android and iOS devices, has become a campus go-to for creating, accessing and sharing everything from documents to slides to spreadsheets when you are on the go or working collaboratively with others.

8. Chegg

If you’ve recently hit the bookstore, you know the cost of books alone can have you eating Ramen for a month straight. Chegg, available on iPhone, iPad and Android, lets you preview and read eTextbooks, take advantage of over 2.5 million guided solutions, including two weekly freebies, and delivers instant access to seven days worth of free books. The company recently announced plans to roll our 24/7 study help, making it an even better deal. That is, if it wasn’t already free.

9. WolframAlpha

While its name may be a mouthful, this app delivers simple answers to complex questions by providing access to its uber-powerful knowledge engine anytime and anywhere. Just type in the information you need and–whether you’re scouting out a compelling statistic to lead off that research paper or in search of the answer to a complicated Calculus problem–this futuristic app provides a definitive resource for immediate and trustworthy knowledge and computation for both Android and iOS.

10. StudyBlue

Over 3.5 million students use StudyBlue every day to study smarter. This free, time-saving app for Android, iPhone and iPad lets you mobilize your notes for on-the-go studying, as well as access a comprehensive content library of notes and flashcards, or create and share your own. StudyBlue makes it easier than ever to study anytime and anywhere–from the line at coffee shop to the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

While heading off to university used to be as simple as picking out a cool notebook and choosing a new comforter for your dorm room, today’s students have many options which can help enhance the academic experience. These Top Ten picks for apps make it easier than ever for university students to make the grade.