The British Council Overseas

In partnership with the British Council, the UNESP Programme in Brazil, offers another exciting opportunity for students and graduates in English language teaching interested in merging teaching practice and research experience. This runs for up to 10 months at the São Paulo University. Selected candidates will be enrolled as exchange students in the English language programme at UNESP and will be co-supervised by researchers from their language departments. An IELTS Training the Trainers course is also offered to all successful candidates upon their arrival, who will be developing research and teacher training activities on a full time basis in one of UNESP’s campuses. Previous experience in teaching English to an international audience is, however, essential for this programme and you must show fluent level ability in English Language. It does however cost nothing for those students that are eligible, who will receive a monthly scholarship. This will cover subsistence costs and a travel grant for the purchase of a return airfare to Brazil. If you want to join the August 2014 programme the deadline for applications is the 15th July. Applications for March and August 2015 end on the 31st December 2014.The British Council Overseas
The British Council also offer Erasmus+ traineeships. These allow you to gain valuable international experience by finding work abroad for two to 12 months as part of your UK degree. Turkey, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein are among 33 countries available to visit, including all EU member states. Erasmus+ students can potentially receive a grant that currently ranges from €350-€400 a month. This is dependent on the country you visit. Traineeships also don’t require you to pay fees to the host university. Furthermore, if you are eligible for student support in the UK and study abroad with Erasmus for one whole academic year, you may also be able to gain a substantial contribution towards your UK tuition fees within the same year. More importantly however, as with all of the councils programmes the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture is a valuable one.

Before you go overseas the British Council encourages all applicants to research living abroad, including accommodation, health and wellbeing and travelling. You can information and advice on this from them here. They also offer important advice on preparing to travel, covering issues such as money and visas here.