School suspends race abuse victim.


More than 70 pupils with placards also demonstrated in support of the teacher, who has been suspended on full pay and warned in writing by the headteacher, Kevin Beaton, that he must not enter the school’s grounds until the end of disciplinary proceedings, which are expected to last about two weeks. The pupil, who has also been accused of insulting other staff, was briefly suspended but has not apologised.School suspends race abuse victim.

“I’m being made to look like a criminal,” said Mr Hassan, who was abused after he told the pupil not to swing on an electric gate.

Mr Hassan said the boy had only been suspended after he complained twice to Mr Beaton.

He added: “All I asked for was for him to be moved to another class because I refuse to teach someone who racially abuses me and feels no remorse for what he did. I find it incredible that I am forced to stay at home, living as a virtual prisoner.”

Mike Whale, joint secretary of Hull National Union of Teachers and a teacher at Kingswood, said set procedures had been invoked and “a lot of important issues need resolving”.