School inspectors to be trained on race.

School inspectors to be trained on race.

Our new framework, which the CRE have largely ignored, is geared up, post-Macpherson, to monitor how effectively schools ensure that pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds achieve their potential,” Mr Woodhead said.

The CRE report was based on “slender” research. But he accepted criticism of the old framework and agreed with the CRE that inspectors should receive further training and guidance.

The CRE report, published yesterday but leaked to the Guardian on Monday, said Ofsted was failing to take seriously its responsibilities on race. It made 31 recommendations, including calling on Ofsted to pay for interpreters at pre-inspection meetings where parents do not speak English.

Ofsted should also include comments on racial equality in the section of its inspection reports sent to parents, and race awareness training should be updated.School inspectors to be trained on race.

The authors, Audrey Osler and Marlene Morrison, asked for an interview with Mr Woodhead while researching the report but were told he was “too busy” to see them.

In a letter, Prof Osler told Mr Woodhead that one senior inspector had remarked: “Race equality is not a priority. Our priority is underachieving white boys.”

Mr Woodhead replied: “I am, frankly, surprised by the statement allegedly made to you that ‘our priority is underachieving white boys’. Our priority is underachievement, full stop.”

The CRE chairman, Gurbux Singh, accused Mr Woodhead of being in “denial mode”.

Prof Osler said yesterday that Ofsted reports sometimes contained “carelessly loose language” that did not reflect the experience of ethnic minority pupils. It should “use language that is useful to the school and to the parents, rather than just cover an issue without any meaning at all”.