Masters Scholarship for Developing Countries Students, Indonesia

The applications are appealing Developing Countries Partnership Program on Scholarship or KNB Scholarship. These scholarships are available for the students of Developing Countries for chasing master degree at one of the 13 given well-known universities in Indonesia. These scholarships will be offered for a maximum of 36 months period of study (In case of the completion of early programs, the scholarship will be stopped soon after the student set off for their origin state).
Fields of study:
o Humanities
o Engineering
o Social Sciences
o Education
o Sciences
Course Level:
These scholarships are offered to candidates of developing countries for chasing Master’s degree.
Eligibility Criteria:
To hold the scholarship, the candidate must meet the following requirements
o Maximum age of candidate should be 35 years old;
o Candidate must possess a bachelor degree;
o Candidate must not hold a bachelor’s degree
o Candidate must attain a TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent;
o Candidate must complete the on-line application form;
o Proceeding to the departure to Indonesia, the successful applicants will have to sign a statement letter offered by the KNB Scholarship management.
This scholarship will cover:
o Settlement Stipend of almost Rp.1.000.000 that will be given to candidates upon their arrival in Indonesia;
o Even though taking the Indonesian language course as well as preparatory programs, the new students will only receive a Living Stipend of IDR 2,350,000 monthly;
o During their Master Program, the applicants will receive per month allowance in the following way: a: No Allowances Quantity, b: Living Stipend IDR 2,350,000, c: Research Stipend Rp. 400.000, d: Books Stipend Rp. 350.000.
o A health insurance along with the maximum cost of almost Rp. 200.000,- monthly premix (In case of the cost of medical services exceeded to those covered by the health insurance, the difference should be borne by the student);
o A round-trip international travelling cost (economy class) from the international airport of the student’s origin countries to Indonesia, also involving the local transport to the host university;
o Though, the scholarship will only cover the expenses of one person
Total number of scholarships:
Not known
Official Approval:
Scholarship will be granted to candidates for almost 36 Months
Application Procedure:
Students can download the application from the official website and can submit it through mail.
Application Deadline:
Students can submit their applications till 15th April 2015
For more details visit te official website of university.