Jashan e baharah festival 2015 by CMYMC & ilmkidunya

Jashn e Bahara festivel 2015 will be held at Alhamara cultural complex Qazzafi stadium Lahore
Ilmkidunya is also a media partner at the jasahan -e-baharan 2015 held in Lahore.

Lahore, being the rich cultural city in Pakistan, which celebrates the number of events throughout the year. It is most popular for the festivals of basant. Basant is the Punjabi festival. The festivals are celebrated at the onset of the spring. Theses competition is celebrated mostly in the (inner Lahore, Walled City) zone. The sky is literally filled with beautiful kites of different shapes and sizes flown from roof tops.
The chief minister youth mobilization committee also appreciates this effort. CMYMC and ilmkidunya held Alhamara cultural complex on the 20, 21, 22 February 2015.All the colleges /universities are taking part in this competition. This competition is held in Alhamara cultural complex Qazzafi stadium Lahore. Ilmkidunya is also a media partner at the jasahan -e-baharan 2015 held in Lahore.

jashn e bhara1

The world performing art festival is held in the season of autumn every year in the month of February 2015. In these competitions, the youngsters show their talent related to debating, painting, calligraphy, Photography, cooking and music concert. It will also be scheduled on 20 February 2015.  The atmosphere is quite charming and pleasing. The music concert will be held at (3pm to 5pm). It is only one day competition. It will be held on 20th February, 2015.

All the students of  colleges and universities shows their talents and skills in the form of Drama /Theatre, Short stories, short movies Music concert, stage drama with renowned stage artists. It will be scheduled for 21st February, 2015. It is only two days competition

All the colleges and universities are also participating in dress designing and singing, including number of male and females are Participate in it. Modeling is also the part of this event. It will be held on 22nd February 2015.

These festivals are held in Lahore to promote the talent of the students.  People come to see these festivals even come from the other cities.