How to Land a Job on LinkedIn With a Better Profile

world is your oyster, right? Well, that depends. Due to a highly competitive job market, many of today’s graduates face increasing pressure related to gaining access to the working world. Luckily, there are tools that can help you with it, and among them is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the leading social network dedicated to professional development: users establish a professional profile geared toward building a broad network of professional connections, reconnecting with former classmates and coworkers and learning about careers and companies. By following these simple techniques, you can boost your employability, make a great impression and land the job of your dreams.

illustration of business connection between different part of world

Launched in May of 2003 with a mere 4,500 members, LinkedIn recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with nearly 260 million users in 200 countries world-wide. The site continues to grow at a staggering rate of more than two members per second. LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic is students and recent college graduates, 30 million of whom now harness the power of LinkedIn to generate academic and career opportunities.

A new feature focused on students, alumni and academic institutions aggregates users’ academic and employment history information and displays it on thousands of dedicated “University pages,” which are accessible to everyone from prospective students and their parents to admissions officers and alumni. Academic institutions, meanwhile, use LinkedIn to build their brand and recruit the best students. That is why it is essential for prospective students as well as for recent graduates to refine and polish their image on their social network profiles.