Google Reveals International Students’ Top Searches

Google’s data shows that the USA and the UK sit comfortably at first and second place in search numbers, with 35% and 26% of international-education queries respectively. This is hardly surprising since the USA still ranks at number one for international student enrollment while the UK is number two. What is surprising is that Canada ranks number three for Google searches related to international education while the country is only number eight in the world for international student enrollment. Google’s data indicates that Canada’s recent efforts to increase their profile as a preferred international-student destination is succeeding. Canada received 8% of all searches, beating out Australia, theNetherlands, and Germany. The search-data also shows that international-student interest is catching up to that of domestic students in key markets like the UK. In 2014 searches about the UK from international sources stood at 46%, up from 37% in 2008. International students already out-number domestic students in many UK post graduate programs, and at that rate, international queries about studying in the UK will surpass domestic searches in just a few years.