Education At a Glance For 2015

The concept of “lifelong learning” is alive and well in Australian: adults are quick to pursue opportunities for advanced study in both full- and part-time programs. In fact, Australia lags only behind Finland, Iceland and Sweden in terms of adults engaged in education.worldwide

  • International students in Belgium comprise a whopping 17 percent of new university enrollments, earning Belgium the fifth place spot behind Luxembourg (41 percent), New Zealand (26 percent), Austria (23 percent), and Iceland (18 percent).
  • While Canada is home to the largest percentage of college-educated adults among OECD countries, it lags behind average in terms of 25-64 year-olds with advanced degrees.
  • In France, approximately 40% of doctoral graduates are internationally mobile compared to the OECD average of 24 percent.
  • Germany has the highest entry rates for doctoral students — 5.4 percent compared to an average of 2.5 percent. International students make up 28 percent of this demographic, lagging behind the OCD average of 31 percent.
  • While Italy has typically drawn few foreign students — 16,000 compared to 46,000 and 68,000 in France and Germany, respectively — the county is working to overcome the language barrier with 20 percent of universities now offering English coursework.
  • While Japan accounts for 3.4 percent of internally enrollments claiming the 7th spot as an international study destination, few of its own residents study abroad: less than one percent.
  • Neither distance nor higher fees have impeded New Zealand’s attractiveness to international students of all levels — international student enrollments for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees all exceed OECD averages topping out at 43 percent for doctoral students.
  • Foreign students comprise 17, 27 and 52 percent of enrollments in Swiss bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, with the majority coming from neighboring countries.
  • Approximately 54 percent of the UK’s international students come from Asia, with China leading the pack.