British Council Survey: STEM Students Value Academic Excellence

Post-study employment opportunities were one of the biggest factors for international STEM students, with over a third of students answering that they wanted to work abroad after their studies. However, emigration was not a strong motivator – only a small percentage of students expressed the desire to settle permanently abroad. Only about 15% of the 1,348 students polled said that they hoped to immigrate to their host country after graduation, and EI’s research indicates that many STEM students hope to leverage the skills they gain abroad into careers in innovation and development in their home nations.

woman scientist looking at the microscope

woman scientist looking at the microscope

EI sees the results of the study as an indication that STEM students recognize that their subjects have both national and international application and that a first-class degree from a highly rated institution will give them the skills and credentials needed in the global marketplace. According to the study, students rated the US as the overall favorite in regard to all criteria, but the UK was rated highest for academic reputation and research opportunities. Australia was ranked highest (72%) for post-graduation career prospects, followed closely by the US and Canada.

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