12 Unique Destinations to Study Abroad

1. Israel

While Israel is small in size, it is large on culture. From Jerusalem’s East-meets-West vibe to super-cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, Israel is well-developed, welcoming, safe and affordable. Boasting the world’s second most educated population, Israel’s residents are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Read more about studying in Israel.

Tropical white sandy beach in a secluded bay

Israeli universities offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, but many international students participate in special semester- or year-long programs comprising a core curriculum in the sciences and the humanities, along with an intensive Hebrew language component and special classes in regional subjects. 2001 represented a new era of internationalization for Israel — the debut of its first bachelor’s degree taught completely in English. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Israel.

2. Mauritius

While the name may transport you to parts unknown, studying in Mauritius can indeed be a transformative experience. This small island state boasts peaceful people, marvelous scenery and a rich blend of European, Asian and African cultures. English is widely accepted as the official language, although the workforce is bilingual between English and French. Read more about studying in Mauritius.

With hundreds of course offerings and a country-wide imperative to become the intellectual hub of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is truly a one-of-a kind destination for international students. Need even more incentive to head for Mauritius? How about free health care services and public transportation and a remarkably low cost of living. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Mauritius.

3. Romania

It’s not just about Dracula. Rich history, distinctive arts and architecture, and celebrated scenic beauty make Romania a remarkable destination. From the bustling capital city of Bucharest to intact medieval towns and folkloric villages to the ecosystem of the Danube River, this central European country is truly an undiscovered gem. Read more about studying in Romania.

Ease and affordability are just two of the alluring factors that contribute to making Romania an increasingly popular destination for overseas students. A tradition of academics, wide selection of coursework and programs, choice of four study languages (English, French, German and Romanian), and dynamic, multinational academic environments round out Romania’s offerings. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Romania.

4. Slovenia

Located in the heart of Europe with easy access to neighbors Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenia is a diverse and desirable tourist destination offering everything from thrilling Alps skiing to luxurious Mediterranean seaside fun. Slovenians are open-minded and active people who value their culture, language and education. In fact, most Slovenians are fluent in at least one foreign language. Read more about studying in Slovenia.

Slovenia’s sights are set on becoming a premier international study destination, and the country is well-positioned for success thanks to free tuition and subsidized expenses. And did we mention that all international courses are conducted in English? It’s no surprise that Slovenia’s international student population doubled over the last decade alone. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Slovenia.

5. Liechtenstein

Bordered by Switzerland and Austria, this landlocked country is Europe’s fourth smallest, but makes up for its size in culture: roughly a third of Liechtenstein’s population is foreign-born. The only country to rest completely in the Alps, Liechtenstein also offers an attractive climate, excellent public transport, and one of the world’s highest GDPs. Read more about studying in Liechtenstein.

A rising number of international students are seeking out study programs in Liechtenstein because of its diverse course offerings and remarkably high quality of life. If you happen to be in town in mid-August, be sure to accept Prince Hans-Adam II’s country-wide invitation to his annual hilltop bash. Find your program in Liechtenstein.

6. Ghana

Stability and prosperity are just a few of the words that characterize this small but stunning West African country featuring everything from wildlife sanctuaries to sandy beaches. While Ghana comprises more than 100 different ethnic groups speaking many languages, English remains its official language. Read more about studying in Ghana.

Ghana, praised as having one of Africa’s finest systems of higher education, offers an alluring destination for international students thanks to internationally acclaimed universities, a thoughtful infrastructure, a breadth and depth of study abroad programs, security and hospitality. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Ghana.

7. Taiwan

Taiwan nods at ancient Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese culture and history while embracing the age of technological advancement. A sophisticated infrastructure featuring exceptional transportation and medical facilities is just one small part of the exceptional living standard enjoyed by Taiwan’s citizens. Read more about studying in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its prioritization of higher education. In addition to its high standards and terrific reputation, there’s another way Taiwan beckons international students: they do not have to pay the standard “out of country” tuition fees charged by universities in other countries. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Taiwan.

8. Moldova

This European country is tucked between Romania and the Ukraine and has come a long way in a short time. While you may not be familiar with Moldova, it produces indisputably some of Europe’s most interesting wines and has a growing tourism industry. Read more about studying Moldova.

Home to 15 public university and 10 private universities, Moldova’s higher education system is structured in the European tradition, and offers a broad range of courses at the undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. levels. The majority of the courses are taught in Romanian, but most universities are also offer programs in English. Find your program in Moldova.

9. Lebanon

Birthplace of some of history’s greatest civilizations, this ancient Mediterranean city has held on to its rich history while embracing cosmopolitanism and progress. Read more about studying in Lebanon.

In particular, Lebanon is known for its exceptional higher education offerings: students from all over the world come to study here because of factors including excellent teachers, leading edge campus facilities and dedicated administrative support. Besides, students will be able to practice their skills in English, French and Arabic. Find your Master or MBA program in Lebanon.

10. Belarus

More than 6,000 international students flock to Belarus every year, and that number continues to rise. From the colorful city of Minsk to Europe’s oldest wildlife reserve outside of Brest, this small country offers students many incentives, including low crime, one of Europe’s finest transportation systems, English instruction, and the chance to meet thousands of other international students from all across the globe. Read more about studying in Belarus.

Another terrific reason to consider Belarus? Its universities boasts the world’s lowest tuition fees. Factor in internationally recognized courses and the country’s super-high academic standards, and Belarus becomes a pretty irresistible deal. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Belarus.

11. Malta

A popular tourist destination celebrated for its scenic beauty, culture and nightlife, Malta has been attracting tourists for countless years. Whether you worship the sun or art, history and culture, Malta — small, yet packed with people — offers beauty beyond compare. Read more about studying in Malta.

Malta is now an increasingly sought after destination for students, too, thanks to its many offerings. English speakers in particularly will feel at home here: as Malta’s second language, English is spoken by nearly everyone. In fact, Malta is considered one of these best countries to study English. Find your Bachelor or Master program in Malta.

12. South Africa

Those looking for a chance to experience history in the making may want to study in this complex, dynamic country. Boasting the nickname, “the rainbow nation,” South Africa celebrates diversity and is heralded for its multicultural feel. Read more about studying in South Africa.

Of all the areas undergoing growth right now in South Africa, higher education is at the top of the list. South African universities scored well in the 2013/2014 QS World University Rankings thanks to good academic facilities, multicultural constituencies, and support systems for foreign students. Favorable exchange rates make studying in South Africa even more enticing. Find your Bachelor or Master program in South Africa.