Do boys dislike school? Or just what they’re learning?

Despite the large amount of research available on boys and schooling, little work has been done on how boys engage with learning outside of the formal curriculum. No research has looked at re-engaging working-class boys with what they are passionate about. Music educationalist Lucy Green got the ball rolling with Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy, but few scholars have tackled learning outside of the formal curriculum, and student-driven projects.

A problematic start to the New Colombo Plan

“Why would you want to learn Chinese?” he spluttered. “Everyone I spoke to in China used English!”

FactCheck: did Labor cut $1.2 billion from schools funding?

These comments from prime minister Tony Abbott came after opposition leader Bill Shorten addressed a teachers’ strike to protest education cuts by Western Australia’s Liberal state government. So is Abbott justified in calling Shorten a hypocrite?

How we learn grammar

The research shows the different grammatical patterns found in languages across the world are not just a result of centuries of linguistic and cultural interaction between peoples. They also involve deep principles in the human mind that drive how our brains represent language. Underneath all the linguistic differences, we are fundamentally alike.

Looming cut in preschool entitlements defies all evidence

This proposal was made in conjunction with the announcement that childcare benefit rebates may be expanded to include nannies. These decisions pre-empt a Productivity Inquiry report, which is due in July, and raise questions about the basis for such significant change. Are the changes based on research evidence or are they the result of special interest lobbying, personal opinion or ideology?