Does the way we speak affect our future?

Where he grew up, “you never thought of being an actor because you didn’t talk properly”. Caine’s Cockney dialect is known for its rhyming slang and its own vocabulary, beautifully illustrated in this Cockney Star Trek video, where Klingons are “proper naughty moody geezers”.

Students’ own low expectations can reinforce their disadvantage

Your expectations are likely to be formed in part by aspirations or what you would like to occur and the constraints that might get in the way. Constraints may be internal or external and all are assessed with a fair degree of uncertainty, which increases as the time horizon expands. Tying expectations and aspirations together is the concept of self-efficacyor “people’s beliefs in their ability to influence events that affect their lives”.

Why poor kids continue to do poorly in the education game

Markets, education and class

One answer might be found in the pervasive influence of what Raewyn Connell calls the “Neoliberal Cascade”, where education is marketised and seen as a commodity. Market ideas of scarcity, access, competition and profit dictate education reform efforts.

Explainer what the law says about Religious Instruction in schools

The original article suggested that this was despite a legal requirement that SRI be provided. The article was later corrected, removing any reference to legal requirements. Instead, the article reported:

The pathway to cultural leadership is still through education

But another panellist – Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service – was sceptical. “This is how we would like to see ourselves,” she said, “but I think we’re at a bit of a crossroads in [terms of] whether or not we are prepared to practise what we espouse.”