By the masses the emergence of crowdfunded research in Australia


However, alternative funding sources are available. Government-funded research targets specific areas of need directed by the government rather than the researcher. Pockets of funding are also available in the not-for-profit sector, but these also tend to be targeted and identifying opportunities can be challenging given the dispersed nature of the sector.

Are universities turning into giant newsrooms?

Traditionally the way governments and funding bodies evaluate research has been left wanting. Usually “research impact” and a scholar’s reach has been measured in a few ways, usually through narrow citations counts or through peer review.

Pacific Islanders and education: is Australia an ‘unlucky country’?

Thousands of Australian school leavers have spent days this summer contemplating their futures. For some this is a no-brainer. Studying at university is the obvious choice, with approximately 223,000 starting in February in over 30 universities across Australia, following their dreams to be an engineer, a nurse, a town planner or gain that business degree.

Our expanded higher education sector is delivering, but who should pay for it?

Thirty of Australia’s 37 public universities have made public submissions. Analysing them helps show whether Pyne’s final decision – due in only a few weeks – will be in harmony or conflict with the sector’s advice.

Independent public schools a dangerous reform path

The initiative builds on its pre-election promise to promote reforms similar to Western Australia’s independent public school model, which has seen nearly two thirds of the state’s public schools converted to independent status since 2009.